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Thursday, January 25, 2007

SEO Elite | SEO and Positioning

SEO Elite, SEO and Positioning in the Search Engines

SEO and positioning your website in search engines is both a science and an art. Why is this so? The science of SEO deals with understanding the architectural of a website, the meta-tags and on-page optimization. Dealing with its promotion and linking strategies, ie off-page optimization is an art. For anyone using SEO Elite as their main SEO tool, positioning a website for any targeted keyword is so straightforward that it doesn’t really matter whether it is an art or science.

What exactly is Search Engine Optimization?

In the simplest term, it is positioning your website for top rankings or positions in the search engine. A search engine like Yahoo or Google is a huge online “street” directory, and each webpage listed in the search engine is like an online “real estate” or what we call virtual real estate. In order for people to find our websites in the midst of many similar websites, we need to outrank our competition, get search engines to love our websites and position us favorably within the search engine. What we do with the traffic is up to us. It could be to sell more products from our website, to earn more Adsense income, or to share our ideas, thoughts, music or anything we want the world to know. SEO Elite is one cool SEO software that would help speed up the SEO steps necessary to grab a high search engine ranking.

Search Engine Optimization SEO Ranking Basics

There are 2 keys you must remember in positioning your website for top SEO ranking. One is the on-page optimization, the other off-page optimization. What are they?

On-page optimization – Meta-tags, Content, Keyword and Density and Domain Name

On-page optimization is the process of optimizing your webpage’s structure to create relevance around the topic and keyword you have targeted to rank high. Meta-tags, content, keyword density, domain name and navigation menu all play important roles in your on-site optimization. Good on-page optimization would help the search engines to index your webpage faster, and categorize it correctly. Notice that I keep using web-page instead of website. Read my next post to know what the difference between ranking for a web-page and a website is.

Off-page optimization – Linking and Promotion Strategy

Off-page optimization describes what you do to promote your website. You may subscribe to the old school SEO thinking that getting more links to your website is the most important aspect of off-page optimization. You are both right and wrong in this. It is true that links to your website are still very critical in helping to rank your web site high in the search engines. However, in recent years, search engine algorithm has evolved so much that off-page optimization is no longer as simple as just getting more links to your website. In the early years of the internet, a website with more links would easily outrank another competitor with lesser links. Hint here is quality now counts more than quantity. This is where SEO Elite outperforms other SEO software in building quality links.

Read my next post about On-page Optimization Tips and Tricks and how SEO Elite can help you position your website in the top search engine results.

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