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Saturday, January 27, 2007

SEO Elite | On-page SEO Tips

SEO Elite – Effective SEO Tips and Tricks For On-page Optimization

Meta-tags, H1 and H2 header tags

Many people are saying that meta-tags are of no value now. This cannot be further from the truth. Meta-tags are still important though not as effective as in the past in ranking a website. In the past when search engines were in its infancy stage, meta-tag spamming was rife because of the ranking weight search engines accord to them.

Meta-tags such as the site title, description, keyword tags provide the snippet for search engines to categorize your website. Take a look at each search result in a search engine. You will find some description in the search result. Sometimes, the search engines may choose to display your meta-description as the site description. Meta-keywords should include all the keywords you are targeting – both the main keyword and the secondary keywords. For example, main keyword can be search engine optimization, secondary keywords can be search engine optimization tips, search engine optimization guide, search engine optimization tools, web positioning etc. Do not overstuff the meta-keywords with too many keywords to avoid being flagged as trying to spam the search engines.

A lot of sites fail to realize the importance of H1 and H2 header tags. These tags organize your main topic title and sub-topics as headings and subheadings for different sections of your content. Without understanding your content, search engines cannot point a finger to what your webpage is really talking about. Search engine spiders love to visit sites that are well-organized. Make your webpage spider-friendly with H1 and H2 header tags, ie H1 tag around your webpage title, H2 tag around your webpage’s sub-title. Give you a simple example here. Say your main topic on your homepage is on search engine optimization or a SEO tool like SEO Elite. So remember to use H1 tag to envelope your title “Search Engine Optimization” or "SEO Elite" in your HTML. Same goes for the sub-title “Search Engine Optimization Tips” using H2.

I will give you a few tips in coming up with your title and sub-titles. If you are targeting a few keywords, try to string them together. For instance, you are targeting SEO Elite, SEO tips, SEO tricks and SEO tools. Your webpage title could be SEO Elite | Tips | Tricks | Tools. You see, the search engine does not read the “|” as a character/punctuation though the human eyes see them as separate items. We want to try to reduce the number of unnecessary words, punctuation and characters in the title so that the keywords are not diluted.

Keyword and Keyword Density

Search engines rank web pages according to its keyword or keyword phrase relevance. By the way, search engines do not rank your web site, but each individual web page. So it is possible that you rank high for a certain keyword for one web page but do badly for the other targeting the same exact keyword. If you are ranking for the keyword phrase SEO Tools or SEO Elite, then your web content should contain the keyword phrase SEO Tools or SEO Elite. Targeting the right keywords is extremely vital before you start building your webpage. Many people fail to understand the importance of keyword research.

A lot of webmasters go for those popular main keywords such as SEO, internet marketing, music, etc. This is the first step to failure. Do you have any idea of how many competitors are you up against? Millions of them! Do a simple search in Google on these words and there is a high chance you will see tens of millions of search results. If your website is fresh and new, be prepared to spend tons of time and effort without any guarantee of ranking within the top 10 search engine PAGES, not to mention top 10 in search engine results.

Head to Overture and do a quick search for a rough feel of your competition. Go for keyword phrases that have about 50 – 100 searches daily, ie about 1500 – 3000 searches in a month. Compile a list of about 10 - 20 of such low competition and related-keywords. Build a web page around each of these keywords. If you have 20 search engine optimized web pages and ranking top in the search engines for each of these keywords, your web site could be receiving potentially 1000 - 2000 visitors everyday.

Keyword density measures the ratio of the targeted keyword repetitions to the number of words in your web content. Take for instance, your web content contains 500 words and you mentioned about SEO Tools 5 times in the web page. This is a keyword density of 1%. Hint here is to try to achieve a keyword density of about 1-2%. Trust me in this as I have ranked within Page 1 or 2 of Google for my web-pages with this keyword density.

Web Content

Your web content is very important to your on-page optimization. Everyone online is saying content is king. Wrong! Content is not king. Let me explain. Duplicate content can and will not help you to rank high. Unique content would however push you many pages up in the search engine results.

Many people are curious about the ideal length of web content for each web page. Though it varies from topic to topic, generally, a minimum word count of 400 would be ideal. Yes, there are occasions where you may have come across web pages that rank high for a certain keyword but yet has very little content. This has got something to do with the off-page optimization which I will discuss in my next blog post.

To summarize, let’s use a simple example here. Assuming we are targeting the keyword phrases SEO Elite and SEO Tools, we may want to come up with a title like SEO Elite | Tools. Remember to use H1 and H2 tags. In our web content, we will aim for at least 400 words all surrounding the topic of SEO tools and SEO Elite. We will also try to litter the keyword phrases SEO Elite and SEO tools about 4 – 8 times each throughout the article to achieve a keyword density of 1 – 2%.

See how easy it can be. Though the above SEO tips and tricks do not guarantee a top ranking for your web page, it would definitely improve your web page ranking by leaps and bounds. Learn more about off-page optimization and why it is the key to the success of your web page and how SEO Elite can boost your rankings in the search engine easily.

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