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Thursday, February 1, 2007

SEO Elite Review

SEO Elite Review – Review of SEO Elite and Comparison with Other SEO Tools

This is a detailed review of SEO Elite, one of the most popular SEO tool in the market and how it compares with other competitors such as Arelis, Link Assistant, Dynamic Link Promoter, etc. SEO Elite™ 4.0 was recently released and it is now packed with more powerful features to help your website outrank your competitors.

SEO Elite Features:

1. Finding Authority Websites and Getting Them to Be Your Link Partners

SEO Elite makes it fast and easy to find authority websites, ie websites with high PR and considered by major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN as top websites in their niche. This neat SEO tool also has a built-in interface to allow you to email these webmasters directly all at the same time to trade links. Whether you prefer to go for numbers and send a similar email to all, or want to add in some personality to your email, you can customize it according to your wish. Remember I mentioned about the importance of backlinks in building link popularity?

2. Analyze Backlinks of Any Web Page in The Major Search Engines

SEO Elite provides a feature that helps you to analyze the backlinks pointing to any web page. The tool will do an “X-ray” scan on the webpage. With a few simple clicks, you can view the details of a web page and know every bit of vital information you need about the page such as their link partners, their Google Page Rank (PR), Alexa Traffic Rank, IP addresses, Whois contact information, email addresses, title of page where backlinks are found and anchor text of backlinks, etc. This tool does an excellent job in spying on your competitors to study and copy their linking strategy.

3. Check if Your Webpage’s Backlinks are Dead

Even though you have kept good faith in linking to your link partners, but the same cannot be said about them. Some unscrupulous webmasters would take off their links to your website once they know that you are already linking to them. If you have a lot of websites, and therefore many web pages, the whole process to verify the backlink status can be a tedious manual process. SEO Elite keeps it really simple for you. Not only so, this SEO tool would give you a detailed report on which web page is linking to you, the anchor text used, the web page PR, Alexa Ranking, page title, etc. Link maintenance is a breeze with SEO Elite.

4. Submit Your Webpage Link to Thousands of Websites

SEO Elite will locate websites with in-built link submission scripts that accepts your link submission. The tool not only finds hundreds or thousands of relevant websites, but provides you with one-click submission. This is a huge time and money saver. Lots of webmasters are paying substantial sums of money to link building companies or link brokers such as One Way Links, Text Link Brokers, Got Links and directory submission services for quality links. This cool feature will get many one-way backlinks to your website and boost your search engine ranking in no time.

5. Track Your WebPages’ Ranking in the Search Engines for Specific Keywords

Tracking the performance of your websites can be a painful experience especially if you own many websites. Imagine having to go to each search engine to trace what search engine position your website is at, and whether your web pages are indexed or taken off from the major search engines. As a webmaster, our efforts should be on driving traffic to our websites and not spending quality time doing such menial tasks. This is especially true when there are SEO tools such as SEO Elite to take over the task for us. SEO Elite has the ability to track unlimited number of websites and give a clear analysis and report on the status of each WEB PAGE.

SEO Elite – How Does It Compare With Other SEO and Link Popularity Tools

We will do a quick comparison of SEO Elite versus a few top SEO and link popularity tools such as Arelis, Link Assistant, and Dynamic Link Promoter, etc. We would be using the following criterion:

1. Finding and Obtaining Quality Link Partners

All of the SEO tools are able to find quality link partners for specific keyword niches, except Dynamic Link Promoter. SEO Elite and Link Assistant both scored well in terms of sending personalized emails to potential link partners. Arelis and Dynamic Link Promoter are pretty limited in this feature.

2. Checking Link Partner’s Google PR, Link Popularity etc

Once again, SEO Elite and Link Assistant are the rare breeds amongst SEO and link popularity tools to provide this useful feature. Most competitors including Arelis and Dynamic Link Promoter do not come with this feature built-into their interface. Though Link Assistant is able to give you details about the Google PR, link popularity and Alexa of any web page you provide, it lacks the rich features SEO Elite comes with. Moreover, SEO Elite would reveal more things about each web page such as its IP address, Whois information, age, and even such details of web pages linking to them. In terms of robustness, this SEO and link popularity tool outruns any other link popularity tools.

3. Tracking the Progress of Web Pages in Search Engines

SEO Elite and Link Assistant are able to track their websites’ popularity and ranking in search engines for targeted keywords quite easily. This is where other competing link popularity tools fall behind. Both are excellent in this aspect but we suspect that more would like the simple interface of SEO Elite which is easier to navigate over Link Assistant.

4. Checking Backlinks

Forget about going to some free online resource and depending on backlink checking softwares to see the backlinks pointing to your websites. Most of them do not return in-depth results to give you a meaningful idea of how many backlinks your websites really have. This is a powerful feature that lets you know whether your link partners are sabotaging you by taking your links offline. All link popularity has this essential feature.

5. Link Submission Capability

We found that only SEO Elite and Link Assistant come with this special feature during our review of top link popularity tools. This is one of the most valuable feature we feel every link popularity tool should have. We love the idea of being able to simplify the process of finding and submitting urls to link submission pages at SEO Elite.

The verdict is out on the top SEO and link popularity tool – SEO Elite is our choice. Even though Link Assistant trails behind very closely and is slightly cheaper, $149.95 compared to SEO Elite $167, we find SEO Elite’s user interface exceptionally easy to understand and use. It is dummy proof and suitable for any webmaster, so whether you just started building your first website or are an expert with dozens of websites, this tool would blow you away with its simple yet versatile functionality. We also trust Brad Callen, the developer of this software, as a respected authority in the arena of search engine optimization. Having used SEO Elite to optimize his websites, many of these sites are now enjoying top search engine ranking and positioning in Google, Yahoo and MSN for targeted keywords.

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